About Us

Empowering Musicians Globally - Welcome to Surtaal Digital

Surtaal Digital is your dedicated partner in music distribution, empowering musicians, composers, and singers to share their artistry with a global audience. Our mission is to seamlessly distribute your music across 150+ platforms, ensuring maximum exposure and growth opportunities.

As music enthusiasts, we understand the challenges artists face in navigating the music industry. With our extensive experience, we have established strong partnerships with major streaming platforms, online stores, and social media networks, expanding your music’s reach far and wide.

At Surtaal Digital, we take pride in our personalized approach. Your success is our priority, and our committed team is here to guide you through the distribution process and offer tailored support at every stage. We believe in transparent practices and a fair playing field for all artists.

Our 100% unique loyalty program is a testament to our dedication to your growth. You can trust us to deliver competitive royalty rates and a rewarding experience as we champion your musical journey.

Join Surtaal Digital today and witness the impact of global digital distribution on your music career. Amplify your music, reach 150+ networks, and let your artistry shine on the world stage. Start your musical journey with us and unlock the doors to success in the music industry.